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December 24, 2009
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(Chi-Chi the poochyena's point of view)

It was almost Christmas so our master was travelling to her home to be with her
family. Snow was everywhere and was fun to play in. Our newest member, Tyson
has become used to our small group, but this would be his first visit to Noel's house.Tyson and I remained outside and followed our master through the snow. Tyson insisted that I should be carried, so I rode on his head to please him. He and I had become great friends from the moment he became part of the team. In fact, he always says that he willingly joined to be with me.

The house was in sight, covered in snow, lights and decorations. "Hey guys, we're
almost there!" Noel was getting very excited and took off in a run. This meant that
Ty began running on all four legs, causing me to almost fall off. "Hey, be careful,
you nearly knocked me off." "Oh, sorry Chi-Chi! I'll be more careful." I couldn't help
but giggle to myself. He was so kind sometimes.

We reached the house shortly. Noel's parents were very happy to see all of us. I
hopped off of Tyson and shook some snow off my back while Tyson did the same.
"Chi-Chi, show Ty around the house while I get some eggnog." "Sure thing!" I barked while wagging my tail. "Come Tyson, this way!" I ran down the nearest hall that lead to Noel's bedroom. Tyson followed and opened the door for me. We entered and turned on the lights.

"This is Noel's sleeping room." I told him. He didn't seem to hear me though. He was too fascinated by all of her possessions. I rolled my eyes and giggled. "Come on Ty, I have more house to show you!." I wasn't really aware, but my tail was wagging quite rapidly. I dashed out of the room and Tyson ran after me. I led him to the living room next. The Christmas tree's dazzling appearance caused Tyson to lose focus and run into the sofa. "Ouch..." He mumbled, walking around his crash site over to where I was sitting near the tree. Present circled the whole tree hiding any evidence that it had a base. The ornaments gleamed and the tinsel garland
sparkled in the light cause by the lights wrapped around the branches.

I was admiring it's beauty when Tyson Interrupted me with a question. "Hey, are
any of these things for us?" Obviously he meant the gifts. "Maybe.." I answered. I
myself wasn't too sure, but there were probably some set aside for us pokemon. I
was about to resume the tour when Noel's family members from near and far
started flooding the room. Great, the reunion had begun.

One of the Grannies came over and picked me up. "Aww, aren't you a cutie pie?
Why don't you come sit with me sweety." I gave a little wiggle, but she wouldn't let
go. Tyson looked at me in confusion. He wasn't sure what to do without me.

Hopefully Noel would come in and get her Granny to let me go. Lucky for me Noel
was the next person to come in the room holding a mug filled with sweet smelling
eggnog. "Noel!" I cried out. She heard my yelp and came over. "Granny, please let
Chi-chi go. She's showing my newest pokemon around the house." I heard the
Granny sigh. "Okay honey, I understand." I was carefully placed on the floor.

I seized my freedom and bounded over to Tyson. "Come on, lets leave this room." He understood my want to get out and followed me to the kitchen across the hall. Noel's parents were the only humans in the kitchen and they ignored our presence. "This is the kitchen," I told him. "It's were they make the food." He glanced around taking the scene in. "Hey, Chi-chi! Show me more!" I was happy to obey and raced down another hall, tail wagging like crazy. Tyson scrambled after me. I pointed out the bathroom and her brother's bedroom. Our final stop was her parents room. We stopped there and relaxed on their bed.

We were discovered by Noel who had gone looking for us. In her hands were a small dish  and a sippy cup containing eggnog. I hopped off the bed to receive my dish. She set it down and handed the cup to Tyson. "Here Tyson, try some eggnog." she said in a soothing voice. Tyson sniffed it and took a sip. "Mmmm!" He gulp down the rest as fast as he could and handed the cup back to Noel. I had finished mine as well and let her take my dish. After she left, Tyson exploded with excitement."That was the best thing I've ever tasted!! I love it! I want more!" He was about to take off when I stopped him. "Ty, thats enough. You don't need any more." I was close to laughing while talking. Tyson was very funny sometimes.

A few hours had passed and all visiting family had left. Noel brought us to her room
and let out some of the others that would fit in her room. They included a
Combusken named Pete, and a Pidgeotto named Sky. They both stretched and
walked over to where Tyson and I were standing. Noel changed into her pyjamas

and climbed into bed. "Okay guys, you can all sleep on the blankets over there." Noel pointed behind us to a pile of blankets set out on the floor as a bed for us. Without complaint, Pete, Sky and Tyson all got comfy in the blankets. I was allowed to sleep in the bed with Noel, so I went there instead.

The sun had rose and it was Christmas morning. I stretched as Noel climbed out of
bed. The others were just getting up too. Noel stopped at her bedroom door. "Come on guys, lets go open presents!" We all followed her down the hall to the living room. Her dad was in the arm chair with a cup of coffee and her mom was just coming out of the kitchen with hers. Unfortunately Her brother was still working as a Pokemon Ranger in Fiore and couldn't make it home for the holidays.

Noel grabbed a great big blue present from under the tree. "Hey dad, can I start
opening them now?" Her dad made an approval grunt while nodding his head. Noel
made an excited sound and began tearing the blue paper. Inside the box was a
brand new travel back-pack with a large pokeball logo on it. It had a blue and grey
color scheme. "Oh dad I love it!!" She squeezed the bag tightly and set it aside. Pete sat on it the minute he could. He loved to sit on any of Noel's new things. He
almost sat on Tyson when they first met. I sure hope he broke that habit before he
became a blaziken. Sky just perched on behind Noel's dad on the back of the
armchair and preened her feathers.

Noel and her parents opened several gifts before Noel reached her last one. It was a small box wrapped in green. It said "To Noel, From Grandpa Felix". Her grandpa
Felix was a well known pokemon trainer when he was younger. Now he was retired and lived with his pokemon in Kanto's countryside. Noel carefully opened her gift. It was a dive ball. Attached to the ball was a note. It read, "Go outside before you release this guy. I think Champ will be a nice addition to you're team." After reading the note out loud, Noel looked at her parents. They both nodded and
watched as she raced to put on her coat and boots. The 4 of us followed. We all
wanted to see our new friend.

We all stood in the backyard. Noel through the ball into the air. "Come on out
Champ!" A beam of light came out of the ball and became a massive gyarados. Noel screeched in delight. Her parents came to the back door to see what her grandpa had given her. The large water pokemon bent down it's head in greetings to it's new trainer. "HELLO LITTLE HUMAN." Noel reached her hand out in awe and
petted Champ on the nose. Her mom spoke to us other pokemon from behind. "Go
on guys, go say hi." We all glanced at Noel's mom and made our way over to Noel
and the gyarados. We all were introduced to each other and Champ was returned to his ball.

Now it was time for us pokemon to get our gifts. We each got something small. I got a new pink collar and Tyson got a new scarf. After getting all our gifts, we all
headed back outside to play. It was tons of fun. I really think Tyson enjoyed his first Christmas.

The End
I did say I'd start some short stories. ^^
I thought this would be a nice start. It sorta gives a background to the other characters. Most Short stories will be from other character's point of view.
I really need to get to bed xDD

Anyway, enjoy!!

Buizel Tale->[link]

Awww this is a really cute story. I enjoyed reading it. :aww:
Chari-Artist Jan 1, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Thank you! ^^
You're welcome! :)
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