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August 29, 2009
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Before I could go snatch my pokeball, I had to have a guaranteed escape route. I needed to find a pokemon that could help me out. I wandered around the greenhouse in hopes that I would find a flying or ground type pokemon, preferably ones that could fly or dig. I talked to all the pokemon I could find, but none of them were up to the challenge of helping me escape. I was losing hope, I felt like there was no way out. I found my answer moments later when I walked close to the glass wall that separated the greenhouse from the outdoor training feild.

Standing in the feild near the greenhouse was a boy who appeared to be in his teenage years, and around him were a group of tough looking pokemon. A charizard was among the group. He looked perfect for the job, that is if I could get to him. I tried waving and banging on the glass to get his attention. I even yelled, but that only resulted in growls from behind. It was time for plan 'B'.

I made sure no-one was watching and dashed into the pokemon center. By following a few small signs I managed to find the room where the pokeballs were kept. I grabbed mine the minute I located it and held it in my mouth. Running on all fours, I raced out the front doors and went around to the back. People behind pointed and shouted, but I didn't stop untill I reached the trainer with the charizard. "Hey Charizard, please say you'll help me!" He looked me over with a very relaxed expression. "Call me Rex, and sure I'll help. What exactly do you need little man?"  He sounded so relaxed that I almost forgot about the group of humans running in my direction.

Lucky for me the trainer just stood quietly and watched. "I need you to fly me away from here, I'll tell you the rest when we're in the air." Rex gave me a bit of a worried look, and so did the trainer's other pokemon. A nidoking to my left spoke in a deep, rough sounding voice. "Rex, are you really going to risk getting in trouble just to help some little weakling pokemon? You don't even know why he wants to run away. He could be crazy or something!." "Hey I'm standing right here!" I waved a paw at him. He just snorted back. Rex shot his team mate a look worthy of a seviper before answering me. "Listen little man, you sound pretty desperate. I'll help you out, just climb onto my back and hold on tight." I struggled to climb up, but managed to get comfortable in the end.

Rex gave several powerful flaps before lifting into the air. As we rose, I peeked over his shoulder and found several wide-eyed humans staring back up at us. One of them was Rex's trainer. He was yelling at us. "Rex! What are you doing!? Come back here! I never gave you permission to fly off like that! REX!!" Rex smirked and just kept rising higher. "Okay little man? Now what?" I thought for a moment. I honestly didn't think I would get this far. "Um, just go forward for now, thank you." We picked up some speed before I heard Rex's voice again. "So why 'ya running little man? Why did you want to get away from the pokemon center so badly?" "It's a bit of a long story, do you want to hear it all?" He chuckled. "Sure, why not?"

So I told him everything that had happened until now. I started from when I was a little baby, and then about the storm when I was seperated from Noel. I spoke of the metal room and of the terrible fight right up to when I met him. "Woah mannn, that is a wicked story. I hope you find your girl no-matter where she is."  I sort of blushed at his coment, I'm not sure why. "Hey, Dude. I think I found a place to drop you off. See the pond next to the water fall? That's your stop little man. If I don't go back to my trainer soon, he will get awfully worried about me. Good luck Ty!" He had landed in a nice little clearing next to the pond he had pointed out just moments ago. I waved goodbye and he rose back into the sky, headed to his own trainer. Now if only I could find mine.

I explored the area that I would rest in for a few days before I set out again. There were quite a few berry trees here, plus I had fresh water. Not to far away from this spot was a walking path that had a faint human scent. That meant that trainers and other humans didn't pass by here to often. Now that I knew where the food and water was, I needed a place to sleep where my poke-ball would stay safe. I looked for a nice hollow tree. When I was unable to find one I turned to the rock wall behind me. Again, no luck. I would have to search underwater.

I held on to my pokeball tightly and dove in. The water was pretty clear. A few wooper swam past my right side and to my left were some magikarp. Making sure that not to inflate my floatation sac, I swam forward. This pond was very large despite it's small appearance. Just below the waterfall I spotted a cave and went to investigate. It lead to an air filled cavern that would be directly behind the waterfall. The place would have seemed perfect except it already smelled strongly of another pokemon. When my eyes had adjusted to the cave's dim lighting I was able to make out a large breathing shape about ten feet away near the back of the cave.

I was very scared. What if this pokemon wanted to eat me for dinner? I was just about to dive back into the water when it grunted. I turned my head just as it was standing up. Oddly enough the shape seemed familiar. It walked towards me and stopped about two feet away. It was a floatzel, yet it's color was different than mine. It's fur was yellow and the floatation sac was silver. It's voice was both deep and smooth. "Who are you and why are you in my cave?" I was to nervous to answer properly and ended up making a weird squeaking noise. "I said who are you and why are you in here?" I gathered some of my courage and answered him. "I'm Tyson, a-and I am looking for a place to stay for a few days." The floatzel scratched his head and twitched his nose. "Well, since we are of the same species, I'll let you live with me. Just don't bother me for anything." He pointed to a flat spot on the floor near the water's edge. "You will sleep there. You can build a bed by bringing in some grass and leaves from outside." I nodded rapidly and rushed over to my assigned bed. The floatzel on the other hand left through the watery tunnel.

I dug very small hole just beside my bed and placed my pokeball inside it. This way it wouldn't roll away. I then left the same way my host had and surfaced into the fresh air. I climbed ashore to gather some nest materials. I found plenty of long grasses, some mosses and even a few large leaves. I brought them back in and made a nest. Using one of the leaves, I covered my pokeball so that it couldn't be seen. Now it was time for some food. I went outside again and gathered some fruit and berries off the trees using my water gun. I only started to eat them only after I brought them back to my bed. The floatzel returned a while later and claimed that it was night and time to sleep, so I did.
I apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

I'm curious now about how many people are really interested and following this story.. Plz comment :3


Okay, what now?..Is this new pokemon a friend.. or a foe? *plays mysterious music*

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BlazinFlizard Aug 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really nice chapter, and cool atleast a Charizard appeared once xD
Chari-Artist Aug 29, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Thanks :3
BlazinFlizard Aug 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Np ^^
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