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December 31, 2009
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A few hours had passed since the helicopter had stopped over the pond. Some of the wooper in the net were trying to move around. The electricity had very little affect on them because of their ground type. Unfortunately, they had little space to move which didn't help at all. From the looks of it though, we would be landing soon. In the distance there was what appeared to be a seaside rock formation with a large cave mouth. The helicopter seemed to be heading for the top of the rock. When we got closer, the top opened up and the helicopter flew inside.

The inside was dark, but the lights were quickly turned on. I figured that I should hide before anyone saw me. We were still quite a few feet of the ground, but I jumped and Peck followed. We both hid behind some nearby crates and watched as a small vehicle resembling a golf cart pulling a trailer drove in and stopped beneath the helicopter. I listened closely as they spoke. "Okay, lower it down." "Yes sir!" The net was lowered into the trailer and towed out of the room. The helicopter humans were climbing out and headed through the same door. I had a feeling about how Peck would be useful. I looked at the small bird. "Peck, Follow them and see where they are bringing all the pond pokemon." He gave a swift nod and took off rather silently after the humans, being sure to remain in the shadows.

Now I needed to figure out how I would get to them once I knew their location. I also needed to figure out an escape. We came through the sky, but there was no way we could all get back the same way. If I knew how to control a helicopter, we might of had a better chance. Too bad I never learned how to do that. There had to be a better way. There was always an escape by sea, but I still wasn't sure how well that would work out. *tip-tap-tip-tap* Footsteps! Someone, or something was coming back in the room. I held my breath and peeked around the crate to see what it was. I made sure to remain close to the ground while doing so that I wouldn't be spotted so easily. It was a mightyena accompanied by three poochyena. They were probably patrolling empty halls and rooms.

"Okay little guys, take a look around and make sure there are no intruders. I'll just scan the room from here." The mightyena was giving orders. That wasn't good for me, I'd surly be found. "Yes sir Heinz, we will start right away sir!" The poochyena all answered their leader at once and immediately spread across the room while the one known as 'Heinz' sat where he stood and just looked around. I was worried about what might happen if one of them found me. One of then poochyena came pretty close, but it didn't notice I was there. I had to hide above ground.

I looked at the crates, it seemed like a good idea to climb at first, but I just couldn't climb up on my own unless I used my aqua jet. The only problem was that it would make a good deal of noise. I tried anyway. *Shwoosh* I had made it up, but the poochyena had heard the water and came running. I tried to make myself appear as small as possible so I wouldn't be seen. I could tell the mightyena had come over too because I could hear his voice. "Hey, what was that?" "We don't know sir, but he floor is all wet here." Heinz grunted. "Well it must of been a pipe or something, just keep an eye out in case it's an intruder." "Yes sir!" The group spread out, unaware that I was just a few feet above their heads.

I silently hoped that Peck would return soon with information on Tide's location. I was getting nervous and the pack was still in here. I waited a little longer and they eventually gave up on finding me, leaving the room. Moments soon after that I heard a soft flapping of wings. Peck landed beside me on the crate. "Did you find them?" I asked. He gave a quick nod. "They are below us in a big water tank. I'll lead the way if you want." I gave it some thought. We had to act quickly because these humans seemed capable of many things, and Tide had already mention how a human seem obsessed in catching him. "Okay, lets go, but keep watch for me so that I don't get caught." Peck nodded quickly and rose up into the air.

"The coast is clear, proceed to the door." I followed his direction and headed through the door. "The coast is still clear, head straight down this hall and turn left. The way down is there." I ran down the hall and turned swiftly around the corner. There was a large elevator there, one for carts and such. The door was only made up of a short metal gate, so climbing over was no problem. I hit the button to go down one floor and the elevator started moving. Peck stood on my head, and I stood in the dark corner to avoid detection. The elevator stopped and Peck checked our exit. The coast was clear for now. I climbed out and followed Peck's directions down another hall. I was then directed to a room connected to the hall on it's right side. The door said 'Aquariums'. I opened it a crack and peck popped his head in. There was no-one to be seen except the pokemon in the tanks, so we crept in quietly. The tank with our friends in it was to the right. They were all able to move now, but the tank was escape proof from the inside. I rushed over, the others saw me and swam to the side of the tank. Tide mouthed the words "Thank goodness", but his expression soon changed to one of fear along with the other pokemon behind him.

Peck turned around on my head and squawked. I had this bad feeling we had been discovered. I slowly turned around and found myself face to face with a large Luxray. I was paralysed by fear. This guy looked like he could eat me in two bites or less. I tried the friendly approach. "H-hello, my name is Tyson, what's yours?" I tried to hide my nervous face and my quivering body. The large electric type chuckled. Was I entertaining him? "Little buizel, you are funny. I will tell you my name because of that. I am the luxray called Star. You have been found trespassing in my master's territory, what are your reasons for this?" I gulped, the truth was that I was cornered. "I came to save my friends.." I mumbled the words. "How did you think you could possibly do that alone with that tiny little bird?" Star's face was more intimidating then before. I was scared of what might happen next. Star took one step towards me. "Little buizel, you came this far, but soon you will be joining the friends you've come so far to rescue."
Tada! Another chapter of A Buizel Tale! ^^
This lovely chapter features some pokemon belonging to other artists. :]
They are ~LuxrayStar's Luxray named Star and
*Kialish's Mightyena name Heinz.

I really am glad to see how much you guys love this story, look forward to more Buizel Tale in 2010! :D

Peck and Tyson have come so far, will they be able to get out unharmed?

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Please do not steal any part of my work.
BlazinFlizard Dec 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really nice chapter CL, have a Happy New Year,and I hope to see many more of your stories x3
Chari-Artist Dec 31, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Thank you! ^^
And a happy New Year to you as well :]
BlazinFlizard Dec 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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